Along The Sail

The man and his wife of 50 years
continue the journey. 
Nothing much has happened 
being a quiet couple 
each one to each one
with the children in the course
condescend, revolt, smile and cry 
struggle and resolve, suffer and reconcile
as conspiracy stares at them.
They ran in the younger days
then slowed down for a time
while they stagger and stumble 
as they move to reach the end.
Only a few miles away.

They turn and look back 
the road they have traversed,
rough terrain that disburses 
incorrigible heat burns like a red flame.
Wonder, how did they travel without 
a hurt! Well, that be the secret of their life.
Share nothing with anyone. Bear the brunt 
with equanimity. Stoic through adversaries.
Court, cases, loans,repayments, betrayals, 
humiliations make them strong.
Their enjoyment then and now 
is the commitment they have’
an earnestness they display.
These keep them afloat