Beyond Terrorism

The religions of the world
 profess faith and love 
 preach goodwill and kindness
 practise tolerance and understanding
 be it any  belief,Christianity,
Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, 

It is impossible to detect
even one of these virtues.
 The race perceives a clash.
a feud, a quarrel
erstwhile. Bomb blasts, 
suicide bombers, appear 
from nowhere destroy 
and vanish in recent times.

The rashness delivers 
no reasons, The destroyer 
has no mind. Immolates.
Young and old perish.
infants and children die.
Orphaned, children
stand without parents,
parents stay shaken
without kids.

Where is religion?
Where are the religious
heads? Catastrophe mounts. 
The world is in fire. Misdeeds
committed  in the name of religion.
 I want to give a bash.
Wish to slam. Seethe and fume.
End up crying.