Hari Raya Message

Fasting and praying
mark the month of Pusa.

Remembering Allah and his deeds
with prayers from the heart.

Islam, a gentle religion.
abounds with wisdom.

Nowhere it talks of violence
speaks most of love and forgiving.

The world, at large,
is under an onus.

A stress which reflects
fear and failure.

The killing, suicide bombing
and setting fire are advents.

They have percolated too much.
Profound are the roots.

Earth, once, was secular
where all religions flourished.

Vengeance and intolerance
dissect and torment,

The Pusa month insists
on love and tolerance.

Muslims, wherever they are.
must vow not to endanger.

Let the Muslim brethren start
the rest will follow.

We can see a congregation
where love embraces all.

We will find a community
where smile reigns.

We hope to see the world
become a haven of peace and happiness.

The best Hari Raya gift
by Muslims to the world.