A Stakeholder

Some one runs down
from the attic.
He is all dark.

Jumps with a thud
stealthily walks
see a ray of white.

Scared. I rush
to pick a stick
most to guard myself.

The figure turns
looks at me
scurries fast.

It is not even a foot.
black and shiny.
starts to crawl.

Watch it from afar
could not make out
what it is?

Not a human
for sure. Could it be
a mammal?

I go ahead, hear
a sound, being
a feeble one.

It is from the
four legged creature.
I stand brave.

The miscreant,
a cat, shares
my home.



Beyond Terrorism

The religions of the world
 profess faith and love 
 preach goodwill and kindness
 practise tolerance and understanding
 be it any  belief,Christianity,
Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, 

It is impossible to detect
even one of these virtues.
 The race perceives a clash.
a feud, a quarrel
erstwhile. Bomb blasts, 
suicide bombers, appear 
from nowhere destroy 
and vanish in recent times.

The rashness delivers 
no reasons, The destroyer 
has no mind. Immolates.
Young and old perish.
infants and children die.
Orphaned, children
stand without parents,
parents stay shaken
without kids.

Where is religion?
Where are the religious
heads? Catastrophe mounts. 
The world is in fire. Misdeeds
committed  in the name of religion.
 I want to give a bash.
Wish to slam. Seethe and fume.
End up crying.


The Path I Traverse

In my school days
I stuck to reading
unmindful of science
and mathematics.

Had I mastered those
would have made
money astronomical.
I read, write, turn lyrical.

While my friends
turn professionals
I do business
and down I go.

and family pull
the threads along the folds
I succumb and survive.

None wish to follow
as they know
the path I traverse
will bring a reverse.


Dilemma And Despair

Dilemma and despair,
the tirades
one within you,
the other without
will kill you.

Dilemma gnaws,
comes and goes,
allows no rest,
an inability pronounced!
a surrealism.

Despair cripples,
lingers and remains,
extends sleepless nights
melancholy breeds!
an existentialism.

Man undergoes
these experiences
which play
fair and foul!
a realism.


Assume Not God

The wealthiest man in a country
lives in an expensive house,
with servants to serve,
chefs to cook,
chauffeurs to drive,possesses
high end cars and planes
has bank balance in billions
a lovely wife to coax and
cajole and caress.
all these pluses
get negated in one stroke.
he has no children.

That does not deter.
Money could buy
the progeny too.
Seeks medical intervention
experiments a few times
ends up with a boy and
a girl. In a year another boy.
The circle turns perfect.
He is at his best, churns
money , spends lavish,
controls governance,
though short in physic
rises tall in stature.

Glory to you!
Assume not God.
It is Money.


Maria Lives The Way

She smiles
that wins.

She nods
that softens.

She moves
that pauses.

She disappears
that ends.

Her way
of interaction.

May be right, might be wrong
she does not know.

Mostly she is quiet
shuns noise and commotion.

If hurt more than once
she gives back in tonnes.

Whoever he might be
she retorts with vehemence.

Leaves none, neither old
nor young, parents or relations.

Snaps ties at the very moment
never turns back.

That is how Maria
lives then and now.


There be A Validity

A difference,
be that an opinion
is not a confrontation.

A distinction
be that of measurements
is but an error.

A demarcation
be that of an area
is always a limitation.

A disparity
be that in cash
is ever a fraud.

The perceptions
one after another
present a validity.

That be how
we classify
the incongruence.


Those Of Whom

Being a lazy thinker,
nothing much do I do
turn a spectator
a silent one perhaps,
wherever I go, very rare
watch the people close
attentive to the talks,
perceive the facial expressions,
and observe the body language,
Many dual personalities
who harp on ethics, aesthetics
and truth turn to be pretenders.
They nurture deceit and revenge
an antithesis of what they represent.

They prosper and revel in glory
propose without consideration
that they are the commanders
move with inhibitions
display an air of fastidiousness.
If that could be their life
being one of comfort and grace,
one like me wonders
Why those who are modest
and sincere suffer?
I will not find an answer
however much I try?
Can the holy scriptures of all faiths
reason out?


The Caressing Touch

Rain in my place!
I jump in glee.
Two full hours
torrential downpour
Ice cubes fall in course.
I hear no thunder
nor see lightening.
Water. water all the way.

The small pebbles of ice
accompany. original sea water pearls.
The lawn looks like a lass
in a green outfit wearing
a stylish pearl necklace.
Trees stand majestic
like a stern dame
alert and agog.

I sit in my patio,
watch the lovely rains,
while the house bathes
scrubbing itself of
dust and dirt
the soil turns slushy.
The rains slow down
and the birds come out.


A Chameleon

I did not believe,
still could not comprehend
men have two faces.

How can they have?
Have asked myself
hundred times.

The day before
happened to be in a meet
one of friends and relations.

Heard one speak ill of another
used such language, expressions
hard to take in.

Only a few days ago
saw him praising the other
likening him to an incarnation.

Men are undependable,
worse than a chameleon.
I agree.