Monthly Archives: May 2019

Fish In Moonlight

Am in a buffet,
laid out in a garden.
a pond besides
the stars twinkle.

The moon is full. Walks
with me towards the table
lights up a rows of dishes
exotic and delicious.

Salads, rice, roti,
potato fries, soup,
and many more. Veggies
being my staple food.

Curious turn towards
the other one, loaded
with fish fries, chicken, beef
The full moon hovers

Fish saute with salt
and pepper floats in vinegar
small and slender they look
the eyes emit no glow.

I take a chair near
the pond, The moon follows
where a retinue of fish
dive and glisten

The immediate contrast
dampens my spirit. My eyes
travel to the dish. Am done!
So does the moon!

A Popular Politician

One of a politician
who has lot of wits,
a natural orator, uses
them to manipulate.

Born in a family,
both traditional
and modern, in years
becomes greedy.

Rises in ranks fast,
turns authoritative
in talk, speaks
no truth.

People start to understand,
the euphemisms of his
mislead.They disengage
from his fold.

One thing for sure,
he has made money
beyond scope.
A billionaire finally.

Better Be A Stone

I am stuck.
The mind turns void.
Eyes blink.
I stay for hours.

I hear silence.
Think of nothing,
A stone like being.
I remain for long.

I forget the place.
Do not remember
places, names.
am quiet for a time.

I appear strange.
A semblance to none.
Akin to the dumb, deaf.
A lunatic, perhaps.

I desire to be this way,
where in the world
garrulous abound,
who talk in vain.

I prefer to withdraw
from the place
where pretenders
prosper and live.

This is my aim
will achieve in no time.
I invoke grace,
before I end my race

A Stakeholder

Some one runs down
from the attic.
He is all dark.

Jumps with a thud
stealthily walks
see a ray of white.

Scared. I rush
to pick a stick
most to guard myself.

The figure turns
looks at me
scurries fast.

It is not even a foot.
black and shiny.
starts to crawl.

Watch it from afar
could not make out
what it is?

Not a human
for sure. Could it be
a mammal?

I go ahead, hear
a sound, being
a feeble one.

It is from the
four legged creature.
I stand brave.

The miscreant,
a cat, shares
my home.


Beyond Terrorism

The religions of the world
 profess faith and love 
 preach goodwill and kindness
 practise tolerance and understanding
 be it any  belief,Christianity,
Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, 

It is impossible to detect
even one of these virtues.
 The race perceives a clash.
a feud, a quarrel
erstwhile. Bomb blasts, 
suicide bombers, appear 
from nowhere destroy 
and vanish in recent times.

The rashness delivers 
no reasons, The destroyer 
has no mind. Immolates.
Young and old perish.
infants and children die.
Orphaned, children
stand without parents,
parents stay shaken
without kids.

Where is religion?
Where are the religious
heads? Catastrophe mounts. 
The world is in fire. Misdeeds
committed  in the name of religion.
 I want to give a bash.
Wish to slam. Seethe and fume.
End up crying.

The Path I Traverse

In my school days
I stuck to reading
unmindful of science
and mathematics.

Had I mastered those
would have made
money astronomical.
I read, write, turn lyrical.

While my friends
turn professionals
I do business
and down I go.

and family pull
the threads along the folds
I succumb and survive.

None wish to follow
as they know
the path I traverse
will bring a reverse.

Dilemma And Despair

Dilemma and despair,
the tirades
one within you,
the other without
will kill you.

Dilemma gnaws,
comes and goes,
allows no rest,
an inability pronounced!
a surrealism.

Despair cripples,
lingers and remains,
extends sleepless nights
melancholy breeds!
an existentialism.

Man undergoes
these experiences
which play
fair and foul!
a realism.