Nagarathars –The Royals

Philanthropic and liberal in outlook
 frugal and calculative in style,
 god fearing and sea faring  
 could turn out to be 
the characteristics  of this small
merchant community living 
 in the southern  part 
of India.

Occupying the driest part of the land
 where there is sparse vegetation
voluntarily chosen by these merchants 
 as they had been ravaged time and again 
 by Tsunamis when they inhabited the 
coastal regions.  The move to the barren 
soil has enriched them. A migration 
with paradoxical connotation.

Such is their status till  now
 building palatial houses,
investing in commodities 
 establishing schools, colleges,
 universities, hospitals, renovating 
temples , all done individually 
 and collectively by these merchants
 who number  one hundred thousand in all. 
 Identified as Nagarathars, the royals 
among the Indian merchant community.