They Being Alive

The five  of them grew 
strong. Straight they shoot up.
one a little tall, the others 
not far behind.

After years of upward spurt
they inclined towards light
 the deviation was not marked
 not an hindrance to the well being.

Taken good care by the family 
 they turn fruitful
 yielding in scores,
rewarding as they could..

As years roll by 
the penultimate 
started to bend 
 a big hunch  visible.

The others follow 
but with less distinction.
The ones except the fifth 
cross all boundaries.

They prod and peek 
through the windows,
rest on the balcony, pose
a danger to the house.

 They totter vigorously 
on a stormy day, fearing 
a crash, I  uproot them,
down they come in a thud  

Unable to control my grief
 I walk towards the interior 
The workers  pile them in 
 a truck and off they go.

If only my neighbour 
 had chopped the huge branch 
 five of them would have been saved.
and would have lived with me.