The More Mundane I Turn

Every month it is the same
with bills coming in
salary to be paid
an exercise that 
will last through 
the first week,

Working like a clerk
I enter and check
 deduct the advances 
count the notes twice
fearing  that I will overpay 
by few hundreds.

Settling  quick
 I start my present month’s
 procurement, writing them
 in detail and entering them 
in ledgers, tallying input and output.
 the trial balance  is a trial.

it so happens, I flop  every time, 
either the credit  is excess
or else the debit 
outscores the credit. I do 
a vigorous check, finally
 land in a soup.

Life goes on  in such a way 
where every single expenditure 
has to be accounted  it is caution
that withholds my interest.
Never could  I spend as I like.
Wonder, if it is a curse.