The  gifts of gold plated roses,,
baskets  of  Palmyra  leaves, wooden 
play  things. may seem different,
unusual from what the  majority 
 engage,  I might appear insane 

My eccentricity surfaces while
I explain the significance,
Rose symbolizes endurance
as it sits over thorns,. The 
soft petals remain unharmed.
The hard sheaths of Palmyra
twisted and turned  creating a pattern,
appropriate for  a basket, a hand made fan,
talk of sustainability. as the tree 
survives even in drought.

The forgotten  games
 played on the wooden 
make over  illustrate 
the natural forms 
causing no harm

both to the environment 
and the participants,  unlike the 
rubber and plastic ones.
demonstrate  mental
agility, a perfection 
in arithmetic.

I hear people giggle 
behind me,  unfazed
I go about with my  practice
each occasion  demands
a characteristic endowment.