Wish To Be Like You

A cuckoo calls every morning
 hearing her cry incessantly
 articulates ” Meena, Meena”
I open my eyes reluctantly,

Unable to bearher cry  I shout 
“coming,,coming”,  gathering myself
I descend the stairs., walk straight 
into the garden,

I see through the hedges,
 look through the branches
 trying  desperately to find her
 fail to locate however much I attempt.

Her sharp solicitation permeates
 I replicate her call, she quickly responds
 without showing herself.  ” Oh! no!”
 I go to my newspapers..

read  the  day’s events,
pandemonium in the parliament,
 head on collision in the highway,
business propositions, investment opportunities

medals tally in Tokyo Olympics,
oblivious of the cuckoo. Folding 
the papers, I enter the parlour
 the shrill cry of the bird turns pronounced.

It continues through the morning,
listening to her on and off,  
 amidst my chores, I quietly
 sing, ” wish to be like you”.