Wet Clothes Off Season

The drizzle and the rain
 the light shower  and heavy downpour
 intermittent and lasting
 make the days essentially chaotic.

With the sun always raging high
wet  clothes  are hung  in the exterior 
 ensuring   a quicker  dry up, this 
seasonal break outs render a curb.

Clouds gather in haste , the sky 
grows dark, a prelude to rains
being visible, I stand in my backyard
 assessing the  weather.

With a pail of washed clothes in one hand,
I  step in and out pushing ‘the door ajar  with the other
not wishing to spread them in the cloth strings
 that  crosses my enclosed  backyard.

I might sound foolish to many of you but that is how I am made off, an exposure to warmth,  I feel, drives the moisture away.  extends a freshness,a straightening , an appearance  of grandeur.
the starched clothes