Truth, Satyam, Meyyam

 The hymns and psalms 
found in Hindu scriptures.
reflect on infinity.
 Bhagavad Gita extols 
righteousness,. Lord Krishna 
 speaks  eloquent sitting 
in a chariot.

The dancing Nataraja 
in Chidambaram dictates 
verses to saint  Manickavasagar.
waxing elaborately on  the Universe 
 which has no beginning  nor an ending.
 being a thesis on Hinduism 
Lord Ganesa breaks his tusk 
 to write the story of Mahabharata  
as told by Vyasa , propagating 
the faith that good succumbs to 
evil finally emerges successful.
It is Sanatana dharma  that Hinduism
 elicits.- Truth,  Satyam in Sanskrit,
Meyyam in Tamil.