A Little Of My Family -Three Sisters

A tall, fair Meenakshi
 the first of three sisters
talks straight to the face
 cares for none, an erect 
lady, senior to the other two, 
almost like a mother.

Saraswathi, mildly fair,
 possesses  an admirable figure 
 a stickler to principles .
sharp witted and smart 
speaks with incisive 

The last one, gentler 
than the elder ones
kind hearted, eloquent 
plays with words, impregnated 
with sensibilities, pleasant 
in her looks named  Rukmini.

Born to an illustrious father
 who endows them with
 sound mind, material  and money
all too much, enable them to wallow 
in wealth and spirit, bowing to 
none whosoever.

The three sisters, 
 known for their unity 
once,  acclaimed for their 
disparity later, live with 
a single thought in mind, 
they being the fortunate 
daughters of a great man.