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Global Collections

A curious information kept  me tongue-tied  for many days.

I wish to share it among the few readers ,I have.

It is a bit of a suspense.

It is a bit of a worry.

It is a bit of  a ridicule.

It is a bit of a folly.

It is more so a catastrophe.


By now ,friends, you would have got the cue.

By now ,friends you would have guessed the exact.

By now ,friends you would have accepted the fact



Well, enough of keeping you in tenter hooks.

It is nothing ,other than going global..

I hear you sound “phew”

Yes it is very much the same global endorsement.



Going global, friends ,we lost financially.

Going global, friends ,we lost the climate

Going global,friends, we lost the rains. .

Going global, we lost the individuality.

Going global, we lost the uniqueness.

Going global ,we lost the prosperity.

Going global,we lost the fun.

Going global we lost the spirit.

Going  global, we lost everything.



Well the recession, the warming, the disaster, the despondency, the lost faith,  the greed are the prized collections  of adopting global formula.

Treasures are for life.

This generation has committed a suicidal design.

It has to somehow live with it.