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The symptoms of Down.

Rituals keep us tied down.

Religion makes us bow down.

Commitments compel us to flow down.

Fear forces us to lie down.

Distress tracks us almost down.

Struggle combats with thrust down.

Survival is the only thought that blows down.


The Concept Of Religion.

Is religion anything to be afraid of?

Does it hold anything to be scared of?

It is a puzzle that keeps us off.


A blind follow of religion is common,

Any question is considered uncommon,

Religious calls are like summons.


Believers have different convictions,

Some say it is superstition,

Others express it as hallucination.


Well, things go about like that,

The best interpretation of religion is flat,

It says , occupation is religion, with a bat.


Business is an occupation,

It proposes a clean transaction,

Indeed, it is a positive perception.


Governance is a challenge,

It demands a balance in a range,

Incidentally it is a plausible change.


Professionals have to be sincere,

Their vocation commands high revere,

Likely it is  trait of great endear.


Each one has his own duty

The  predicament is itself a beauty,

Cumulatively this is religion in its glory.












The Spiritual Destination.

Lot of definitions , lot of thesis, lot of analysis, lot of controversies  engulf the word Spiritual.

Spirit is the soul.

Spirit is the innermost  consciousness.

Spirit is the divine.

Spirit reveals the mysteries of life.

These are all the deliverance of theosophists, preachers.

To an ordinary folk ,like me, spirit is none other than yourself.

Self is the magnificent synergy of  mind and heart.

Hindus believe, death  destroys the body, leaves the soul .

The soul traverses .

Then settles in the body of another.

Thus goes the theory of rebirth.

Hindus believe that there are seven lives.

Christianity puts it firmly ,that there is one life.

Islam advocates reincarnation.

The raging debates and the ranging faiths  keep us in a mire.

Religion is a guiding force.

It is a formula.

It is a hypothesis.

Learning from its analogues is essential.

Deducing our own results should be unanimous.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

That ,because one  person got sanctified by following certain principles ,should not be the code of conduct for the rest.

Just ,because one man got cured of his ailment, by singing a hymn in a sanctum sanctorium, need not be aped by another.

Much because one got exhilarated  by chanting slokas  ,must not be copied by a stranger.

Well, because one attained salvation, while meditating under a huge tree.,,should not induce others to do  a similar recourse.

The self should dive deep into the realms of its own thought.

The self should analyse the needs of itself.

The self should choose between that which is necessary and that which is irrelevant.

The self should deliberate on the effacement of the  ego.

The self should embrace an absolute trial to live with   contentment and peace.

I have enough.

I feel it is sufficient.

I am happy.

If the self starts feeling thus, the spiritual destination is reached.

A trip to Varanasi, a pilgrimage to Mecca, a flight to Rome , all become an unnecessary prologue., once you understand self.

Try it .

Achieve it.

Glory be yours.


Religion -A Deliberation

Religion is a word that has been misused or rather abused to a large extent.

It is a subject ,like any other,.

Mathematica, Science, Languages are subjects  which are excellent in their own format.

So also religion or theology .

This particular course has   got a prominence over all the related studies.


What for?


Let us go an inch below the surface.

Mathematics has its own branches, such as Arithmetic , the most basic one, followed by geometry, Algebra, trigonometry, Statistics, Astronomy, so on and so forth.

The fundamental Arithmetic is taught right from the initial classes.

The numbers are the first lesson ,while addition ,subtraction, multiplication and division come later.

The understanding o numbers ,or to the more constructive, the deciphering of the numerals is the vital aspect in the learning.

A jumble up of the preliminaries lead to a confusion.

After mastering the basics ,you advance to the higher levels.

There is a teacher to guide you , to make you learn to write.

Similarly theology is a form that branches into various constituents, as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism  and Jainism.

The core indicator of religion like the numerals, is that you  have to be pure, sincere and speak truth.

The rest is an elaboration of these ideals.

Hinduism ,the ancient religion, abounds in scriptures, like Vedas and Upanishads, epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana, and teachings likeThirukural and Gita.

Hinduism is a discipline, which directs us to live a life of contentment.

So also Christianity , which goes a step further by pronouncing do’s and don’s .

Islam is a still stricter form of discipline that propagates severe punishment for the misdeed.

Buddhism and Jainism , the later incorporation  , are  the way outs of the vast Hindu formula.

As such this conduct of life has been misconstrued and misunderstood by the entire populace.

Unable to cope up with modern hectic speed, Man seeks quick relief and fast remedy to come out of their depressions.

This hastening and impatient designs have paved a way to a breed of God men, who in the garb of  saints , indulge in discourses, interpreting the acclaimed faith , as they like, as they understood, as they organise.

They ,playing  on the gullibility of the people, craftily amass wealth, property, and live a kingly life.

They successfully eke out a group, which goes behind  them with blind fait and implicit obedience.

This trend has been gaining strength ,even in the era of technology ,where logic  and questioning  are the essential practices.

I conclude that there are two ways to look at a things.

One is to see, accept and acknowledge.

Another is to admire, reverberate and  eulogize.

What are we up to?


Epilogue Of The Meenakshi Consecration

Meenakshi Temple had  a ceremonial  abishekam on 8/04/2009 It was a serene ,sullen sober occasion. The acharayas did a meticulous job. The traditions  were kept live.The major significance of following age old practices was visible when the  karudans kept up their appointment. They came in a row and took a turn round the gopuras. It was a beautiful sight to watch. The belief may sound superstitious,  the punctuality of their arrival may seem a strange coincidence,but their presence added a holy significance to the abishekam.

The Police made a dismal performance. They misused their power and authority. They were strict to the public , but extremely lenient to their families and friends. When mobile phones , hand bags, umbrellas and sachets of water were not permitted, many were seen talking in their mobiles, taking photos and throwing sachets over the vidhanam.   The rules ,as usual are only for the public, not for the Police and Politicians. The latter,  an elite clan , were exhibiting their power by bringing in their near and dear ones .The temple authorities were dumb spectators and posed an helpless .pathetic demeanour before this temporary elites. I call this temporary, because the so called new rich would be around as long as their party is in power,then vanish into dust as  their  party loses its reign. The same  holds good to the Police department. It is a department ,which has to keep law and order and restore dignity and discipline, reform the crude behaviour of the mob, and restrict the deviations and upheaval.Unfortunately , the Police force , behaved so irresponsibly,that the morale of the Public was shattered , as they were driven from one corner to the other, even the donors were not spared.

Meenakshi and Somasundereswarar, the Presiding deities of Madurai , have seen many such consecrations. They are the witness to  these arrogant atrocities and power drunk activities.

They will definitely take a note of such vile behaviour and give due credit to such violence and irreverence.

Divine Float.

The celestial couple Lord Subramania and his escort Deivanai had an outing in the Theppam of Thiruparangkundram.

The couple were decked in glittering jewellery,and clothed in colourful Kanchipuram silk.The water body or Theppam was lit with diyas. There was a display of fireworks,which added charm to the float.

The Nagarathar community of Tamilnadu hosted this divine festival. Prasadams were distributed to the devotees from the Nagarathar choultry.Nattukottai Chettiars ,otherwise called as Nagarathars,are known for their generous contribution to the temples.

The float was a beautiful event. The Divine consorts were kept in the float,with the Nagarathar community heads ,the chair person of the temple and the archakas,all getting into the make shift float.The temporary structure of the float looked  archaic , uneven and appeared little risky. The authorities of the temple have to get into the details and modify the float ,to suit the modern times . The risk factor should be eliminated. If any untoward incident  happens , it will  not augur well.

The couple were taken to the central mandapam. They went through three pradishnams . Then they were placed in the oonjal or swing.

 The temple singer or odhuvar sang hymns in praise of Lord ,followed by the recital of the temple Nadashwara vidwans. The singing and the music played by the vidwans were so enchanting and a treat to the ears and a solace to the mind. Aarathis were taken and the final poornaathi was performed amidst the chanting of Murga, Murga, Murga . The crowd  became ecstatic . The devotees were enthralled.  Sublimity took control of the scenario. After going through the Theppam thrice, the float came to  a grand halt.

It was an austere celebration devoid of ostentation. It was a grandeur  without artificial distinction. It was  celestial denouement filled with purity and devotion.

Religions Of The World

Hinduism is an all inclusive faith. Its rituals ,though a little complicated ,are apparently very smooth and most adorable.

Christianity is an inspiration of love and simplicity. Its codes ,though a little tough, are acceptable to all and less  punitive.

Islam  is a beautiful religion.Its teachings, though a little systematic,are relevant to all and  most strict.

These three religions , in general , preach similar synchronisations, teach similar syllabus, and express similar transpiration.

Lord Krishna was born in a prison

Jesus was born in  stable.

Mohamed lost his father before his birth.

These three faiths ,though externally far apart , very different, internally are  exact  and emulate the same doctrines.

Hinduism ,lays down that cheaters will be punished.

Arrogance will lead to disaster.

Truth is triumphant.

Christianity, states,that treachery will be penalised.

Modesty will be rewarded.

Sincerity will excel.

Islam , puts forth ,that slander will push one to  the dreaded  world.

Humility will lead to success

Righteousness will outshine.

Nowhere in these religions, we find  commands for elaborate ,extensive format of prayer.

The exaggerations and ostentation attached to religions is the additions and progressions ofthe mortals.

Gods do  not demand offerings

Gods do not reckon pompous celebrations.

Gods do not requisition audience.

They soleminise  humility, simplicity, and honesty.