Economy thoughts

Heavy Luggage.

Plain requisition-unadorned ,unembellished.

The executives of top notch companies are entitled to excessive pay and generous freebies.. The economy is bleeding . The recession is over taking normalcy. But the top brass go high in private jets to the capital to get alms for their sustenance.

The begging bowl and the jet  show an ironical depiction, a satirical subtlety, and a deranged euphoria.The retrograding economy compels an austerity. The precedent should emanate from the top officer. Then , an ideal, subjugated tempo would prevail over the mid level and junior cadres.A voluntary surrender of a percentage of salary and politely avoiding perquisites by the Chairman and Chief executives  would go a long way in promoting healthy  salubirious condescension to the company which supports them. This conduciveness that looks up in the small nucleus will fetch a powerful acrimony , by alleviating the otherwise obscene industrial perspective.

To forego a little  benefit ,we need a lot of determination ,a full dare out to retrieve the soiled grace, an entire resolution to pull out the economy from the woods. But such a realisation is hard to decipher among the executives. They bargain for even more perquisites, and claim a hike in salary to befit the strain they undergo in conducting the business. If a willing submission is difficult , then the government should appoint regulators to monitor the “luggage”,that is disbursed,and designate inspection to deduce the bonus ,free air tickets, holiday packages and other allowances that are recorded, and  compensations that are not entered.

Austere ,sober , serene movements will certainly push in a quick recovery and germinate a soft blend of prosperity and magnificence. 

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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