Daily Archives: May 23, 2010

The Power Of Momentum

To move about,

To work across,

To think about,

To talk across,

You need momentum.





To  enter in

To impress upon,

To  refer  in

To  defer upon,

You need momentum.




To  discuss out

To conclude over,

To access out,

To affirm over,

You need momentum.




To live along,

To stay away,

To stray along,

To hold away,

You need momentum.




To keep afloat,

To renew aboard,

To sail afloat,

To resume aboard,

You need momentum.





A high level momentum,

Makes you fly  up with vigour,

You scale up with fervour

A low strain of momentum.

Enables you   go down with tremor

You slide down with   falter.