Daily Archives: May 2, 2010

Charity-As I Understand

Charity begins at home.

Charity is for a good cause.

It itself is a noble ideal.

The symposium goes on ,talking about the  great quality.

The  beauty of charity diffuses when it is advertised.

The core effect sinks into oblivion ,when this idealism becomes a wayside affair.

Well, that is what is experienced in the present days.

I have seen people marking their names  in most items they donate.

Their names are found in the tube lights, in the fans, in what not and what else.

It looks so cheap and mean.

If a large amount is extended to an institution , then they call for a meeting, invite top politicians, arrange a big party.

The participants talk high of the donor.

This is virtually a bizarre.

Certain  other charities  of high calibre, say a foundation, a trust, make much ado .

Their efforts are publicised via TV.

Their names  are the titular caption of their charity.

Thus goes on the spread of their movement to help others.

These foundations run colleges, universities, hospitals .

They indulge in hosting many meets .

They sponsor numerous concerts.

They initiate several shows in TV.

The revenue thus generated is sent to  the needy .

Well, how many of them do this for the real uplift of the poor?

Count on them.

You will find a very few, who do it for  the sake of it.

Most do it for publicity and fame.

Most are forced to do charity, because the donations invite tax rebates.

Most are compelled to extend lands and build colleges and schools, for fear of their excess land being acquired by the government.

It is a way out for them to keep their property in safe custody.

Yet they propose to be charitable.

Most of the donors ,who look big and huge ,both in size and grandeur, have done much harm  in the background. 

It is a ploy.

It is akin to the saying “rob Peter to pay Paul”

It is a procedure of pushing one out to get into the top.

As a mark of assuaging  the bruise, tender donations and aid to the needy

Charity, as I understand is a thing that should not be made known to any one  at any cost.

The donor and the receiver should  alone be aware of it.

How may small moves , which may look  nothing in terms of finance, but which  are time bound and need raising have gone unnoticed?

How many of us know about the pedestrian, who helped a blind man cross the road?

How many of us notice a teacher coaching students for no remuneration?

How many of us talk about doctors who cured patients for nothing?

How many of us think about a lady ,who adopted orphans to her family, even though she was surviving with great difficulty?

They did not form trusts.

They dis not create foundations.

They did not deliberate as to how to deploy their excess revenue.

They did spontaneously.

They did on will.

They do not have resources in the form of currency or property, but have a vast treasure ,that of kindness, more so mercy.

This is real Charity.