Daily Archives: May 10, 2010

The Chagrin

The mind  designs the ploy

Puts in tricky tackle,

Adds in risky raffle,

Finishes with wicked device.


The heart  deliberates on the issue,

Weighs the sadistic purport,

Considers the devilish impact,

Resigns to the satanic move.




The device runs amuck,

Kills a  few

Cripples too many,

Leaves with a berserk.




The consequence is morbid,

The virality is poignant,

The avalanche is sordid,

The frequency is unleashed.




The collision is bloody,

The damage is complete,

The rout is drastic.

The uproot is fearful.



They  the equanimity is lost,

Thus the peace is distorted,

Thus the quietude is sunk,

These be the  residue of chagrin