The Add Ons

germinationgreen-leisure-suitgreen themeThemes play a part in daily events too.
it is green theme that keeps us in blue.
Green symbolises prosperity true.

A latest wedding show cased green.
The green attire on females was a sheen.
But on males it looked mean.

Yet men clad in green moved about.
The dark green pants caused a pout.
The light green ones called for a shout.

The green concept was bright in the evening too.
It turned dark greenish blue as the evening grew.
Combining the dark blue sky into the greenish hue.

Incorporating colours in the wedding is new.
it has set in slowly like a cat’s mew.
The seaming looks like a dainty sew.

The admission of techniques is welcome indeed
These should not overlap the vital deed.
As marriage leads to germination of a seed.