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Down The Memory Lane.

cyclingCycling through the memory lane.
Pedalling soft in a reverie plain.
Half pedalling while reliving the past.
Fast pedalling when going through the present cast.
Racing through the happenings as though in a telecast.
The picture of life so far is etched out in the frame main.

Cycling through the memory lane.
Envisaged bumps and roll downs in a path not plain.
jubilation was found in the realms of past.
Tribulations were also part of the cast.
The performance was rushed through in a telecast.
The still remembered experiences hang in the gallery main.

Cycling through the memory lane.
Perceiving thorns and bushes in a terrain not entirely plain.
Happiness realised in the years looks similar to the past.
Melancholy also gets in as an entity in the cast.
The outcome presents a lively telecast.
The fresh incidents depict a fine portrayal in the gateway main.

Cycling comes to a stop as the end nears.
The mind rests in peace without fear.
The activities cease as everything draws to a close.
The wide canvas slowly folds and falls down as a dried rose.
There exists an extensive and exhaustive relaxation foreboding a cheer.