Actions Age concept Experience silly vain

Where She Belongs?

glaring outfitmade up womanHeavily made up in a glare
she walked with steps rare
Stitched with stones rare
her outfits presented a striking glare.
Decked with shining jewels rare
her posture reflected a shocking glare.
She was the epitome of snobbery in a glare.
Moving with frivolous fallacy a deviation rare.

Well, that has been her way of life for long.
Straddling with imperious affectation all along.
She spoke in a euphemistic tone almost like a song.
Uttering meaningless attributions without a wrong.
She behaved like a wanton child in the throng.
Exchanging silly words for nominal prong.
She was a synonym of vanity excessively strong.
One knows not where she belongs?