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Had She Been Or Had Not She Been?

HamletHad she be born in a different state.
Had not she been born in her community.
Had she been like her five siblings.
Had not she been soft by nature.
Had she been wedded into a reputed family.
Had not she been forced to come out of it by virtue.
Had she been a little authoritative and demanding.
Had not she been languishing in fear and trial.
Had she been firm and vociferous.
Had not she been accommodative and demur.
Had she been independent and strong.
Had not she been too much docile and friendly.
Had she been an active performer..
Had not she been a silent spectator.
Had she been decided on realising her ambition.
Had not she been too involved in raising her children.
Had she been successful in winning her share.
Had not she been crest fallen to have lost her rights
Had she been a hard nut to crack.
Had not she been flexible to the other’s call.
Had she been serious of her pursuits.
Had not she been thinking of her disputes .
She would have become a writer of standing.
She could have clinched many an award of fame.
It is had she been and had not she been in a Hamletian trace.