The Glowworm

Being a glowworm

glows all the time  in term

sends light with a twinkle

beautiful to see it fly  in the dark.


Had been my pastime in my school days

I used to go about in a chase

caught the worm and locked it in a case

when everyone went to sleep

opened it  to see the worm glow.


The light  it emitted was in tri colours

orange, green and red multicoloured

opened with a hope it would be green

lo! it happened to be red  in a sheen

the way I was tricked by the worm in captive.


I left a piece of grass for it to eat

went to sleep with a feel upbeat

in between got up to find the worm intact

the night passed on with sleep not intact

the glowworm caught my fancy for long.


Be the plays of children in their days

might seem insignificant to the rest in ways

they carry a sensitivity so close to the child’s heart

never would she be able to forget the cast

like the glowworm which held me in a trance.










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