A Resurrection

It is a resurrection

coming out from the dense

had been in the dark  for no reason

forced to erupt with an intense.


She has been always quiet

silent be the byword for her nature

warm and cordial in her trait

a genial person with characteristic features.


Her eyes are big and lively

deep set with a curious look

a twinge of smile  is visible mostly

respect she commands in her books.


I know her from her birth

been a spectator all along

born amongst siblings  who hold your breath

audacity being their  virtue  for long.


A  different individual she be from the crowd

many mistake her silence for pride

proud she is in her way as she never bowed

equanimity be her valour as she never took sides.


Hard to find such a human in this society

where deceit and conceit abound

she had to come out of her confines due to necessity

as of now she has kept her foes well in bound.


Gossips and rumours  loom large about her

questioning her moves physical and legal

has to keep them confidential not for her

but for her progeny who bank on her in all levels.


That much for the one whom I know

many turn to her for advice in the go

none stand up to her in times of  woe

she goes with a smile and keeps her profile low.













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