You And I

We are the sinners.

The year that was

gives rise to a cause

being one of disasters many

man made mostly

blame we the nature

as if it has lost its composure.


Greed of man as talked by all

has brought this fall

the incidents of  the  Chennai floods

drains one’s blood

the horror still looms in the mind

a tragedy in a kind.


Water bodies turn overnight

become plots and site

portioned and sold as fast

buildings come up faster

not single story house as in the past

multi stories in a concrete cast.


Men swarm like bees  in a move

buy the apartments in  fool proof

settle with such a haste  and hurry

as if there exists nothing else to worry

live in a pigeon’s hole as most are

happily in lands very much far.


The land being an erstwhile estuary

has a soil clayey and  marshy

the buildings seem to crack quick

a gap which could allow a stick

the soil pulls the skyscrapers down

the dwellers start to mumble and frown.


Then comes the unprecedented rains

sweeping through the men against their brains

it pours day and night with such velocity

the administration  opens the catchments noiselessly

the water gushes out in such speed

devouring the land and man with such greed.


A hue and a cry hit the sky

the rain non stop pours without any deny

the water starved Chennai is inundated

its people cry for mercy  being devastated

the governance sits back in the seat

it is the kindred spirit that jumps out upbeat.


Who is to be blamed ? you and I ask

it is you and I beyond all task

you and I voted in the elections

you and I opted to buy  for reasons

you and I let go the rules ignored

you and I are squarely to be blamed.


Leave the year 2015  to the annals of history

Let the year 2016 be an year that could make history

Let us all take a vow to honour Nature

Let us  all respect her stature

With these resolutions let us greet 2016

the year inherent with the qualities of sweet 16.


I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda


















By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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