A Cup Of Tea.

It is a cup of tea

over which I see

a lot of history

being the cup

how it came up

so beautifully made up

comes then the saucer  below

being a lively   one in a glow

holds the cup with a bow

the tea in it so hot

poured from a pot

brewing the tea leaves in short

likewise the milk from the cow

sucked out from its blood in a flow

pure white and snow like in  hue

boiled to the temperature set

rises up like a cloud in an intersect

added with sugar  be that white too

mixed in proportions rightful

the sip turns nostalgic and wonderful

the tongue laps it all around in a mouthful

the tea invigorates the body and mind  with a heal

well, I drink my tea early in the morning  with a feel.












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