The Mantra Of Life.

The tumult was great

there was a drum like beat

not with a great sound

being one of very  meagre

mild it was in tenor

went on for  long

could it be a preamble ?

a prelude to the rains.


A big anticipation it could be

the rains play a trick

seem to come in a torrential   pour

they make all attempts to come down

could sense a prevention from somewhere

the rains halt for a while and stay unassumingly

wonder would they ever come or not

did not descend till the day ended.


Such could be the expectations elsewhere

a disappointment would follow  if it does not happen

let us not hold to whimsical values as such

not worth a tuppence all the more  in particular

live not with any wish  as the case might be

sail with a tide as it flows never go against

could lead to a catastrophe untold

learn this mantra with a full heart.


















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