Lets Not Me.

A feel not to mingle with others

being  an unopposed dominance

lets not me to become familiar.


It could be a strange one  as such

could explain nothing more to it

lets me to remain to myself.


The thought, of keeping aloof  and alone ,

could have descended from my ancestors

lets me to live apart from the rest.


Trace I back to my roots in a while

could not find anybody to that style

lets me to stay away from the others.


Not possible to get back to the one  of ages

I come back to the days of recent

lets me to rest within myself .


Came I closer to my days of yesteryears

could finally locate the kind in my mother

lets me to withdraw from the world.


The likeness could be  similar in ways

no better could a daughter be than the mother

lets me to behave like the mother almost.






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