My Eleven Year Old .

A lively chat with an eleven year old

he being from a country cold

about the class work he did

could be of a different bid

as I am  from a land of rote.

the grades depend on what you wrote.


He told me of his projects myriad

a story to write first in  the period

his imagination rode on a fancy

goes he to Amazon forest in a fantasy

saw  an animal huge and gigantic

the boy was lost in a reverie .


Left him in the Amazon forest for a while

his descriptions were in a beautiful style

the thick dark forest seemed gloomy

the soil underneath was foamy

the trees had very big trunks

would facilitate an easy bunk.


The Amazon forests came to be in live

I have not seen nor he  not in a belie

his vivid depiction kept me glued

he  proceeded with the narration unmoved

would turn out to be a master story teller

confident his performance would be one of a stellar.animaux-amazonie7












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