It Is Being Years Now.

It is being years now

an incident comes back

not in real as such

in memory as such.


It is being years

a bride being advised

not by anyone as such

by the mother as much.


Being not one of long

being one word strong

be smart  as such

smarter as much.


The bride nodded

this way and that way

understanding not as such

not  fully  as much.


The bride being me.


It is being years now

the bride has turned old

comes to know as such

meets the eye now as much.


It is the word smart

holds on to me even now

being one of value as such

prudence be it as much.


It means a lot now to me

careful and cautious

patient and never in haste as such

sweet and charming as such.


It interprets in many ways  to me

see through in depth

never go into the intricacies as such

nor  be out of them as much.


Have gone through a lot in life

fun , strife, struggle altogether

never did I cow down as such

remained upbeat as much.


It is being years  now.a-mothers-advice-to-her-daughter-1-728

I stand up with pride

the one word was enough as such

a solid and sure guide as much.
















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