Weary And Hapless

The withered grass cries for rain

the blade of grass  is yellow

everything looks weary and  hapless.


The rain less days  are too many

innumerable in the count as always

everything looks weary and hapless .


The rivers  are dry and lie in vain

long since water flowed through

everything looks weary  and hapless.


That be the cause when there is no rain

seem to be famished and   barren

everything looks weary and hapless.blade of grass









2 thoughts on “Weary And Hapless

  1. Nice. It reminds me of my Rayalaseema arid region, where rain is scanty. Our hapless River Penna with sand hardened like huge mud cake looks up to heavens for rains. The prayer always goes unacknowledged.The occasional rain is celebrated without any illwill.

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