Old Gives Way To New

The old gives way to new.

A symptom seen significant.

The  ancient gets behind.

The ĺatest is in the limelight.


Elders groan and cry hoarse.

The youth revel and rejoice.

A competition  sets in.

Not a healthy one at any level.


The intolerance of the seniors

confronts  the irreverence of the juniors.

There arises an uneasiness, unpleasantness

being incompetent in any respect.


Old is a concept beautiful

turns  obsolete more or less.

New is a syndrome lovely

becomes valid in days to come.


The grand old man

has to accept with grace.

The enthusiastic adult

should agree with poise.


A truce wii bring peace.

Tradition gives way to modernity.

So  must the aged and the young,

confirm and evolve a via media