It Is In My Home

the peacocks dance,

round and round they go,

hop and jump, trot and pause

step up and step down

spread their turquoise feàther

flourscent it shines. The blue  hue

in the neck, a contrast to the glitter

moderates the eye catching glory.

pick and peck, loiter and chatter

a lively presence all the more.


It is in my home,

the crows caw in the morning

black  and blue they  roam

grabs  the insects, clear the garden

of pests.  A friend though not



It is in my home

the cats stealthily climb

walk on the wall, cast

a sly look on me.  Brown

and white  stripes prominent

watch my home all the day.


It is in my home,

the sparrows, one, two

and three come swiping down

chirp and cackle, fly low and high.


It is in my home, I live

do not hear the shouts

and laughter of my sons,

nor see them play, cycle

and  cry ” Ma, I am hurt,

I have won, I am the Champion”.


It is in my home

I long to see them

nestle close to me.