Bits And Pieces

The day draws to a close.

Nothing much happened.

It  is the weekend.

Ĺethargy sets in.


The rains have gone on leave.

May come with a thump

on Monday.


Ĺanguishing   I take a stroll.

The lane is empty.  Quietness.

I am alone in the world, I feel.

It is peace. The one called



Once in a week, I experience

such a harmony. No noise

either external or internal.

The body is at rest, so does

the mind.


Monday starts with a gusto.

Resume with a flourish.

It is move everywhere,

with the rains in force.

A phenomenon.


The mental derivatives

that hid under the cloud

instigate and agitate

a restlessness settles.



With haste I perform,

the legs not in one place.

Do I execute with perfection?

Not to the exact. I do a few.

Might turn  a Creation.