I am Always At Home

The schedule of the day,

at home in the mornings

outings in the evenings

a contradiction of the regular,

is how I live in this alien land.


I should not say alien anymore

as  I live half the year or even excess

in this country for over a decade.

Of late, rains come at dusk

play spoil sport to my  walks.


They pour with force terrible,

last for an hour or more,

light recedes and it is night.

I dare not go out in dark

there is widespread theft.


The whole day for a week

I stay at home behind locked doors.

The windows, with grills and heavy curtains,

allow  me to peep through and perceive

the outer world.  I hear  the noise of vehicles.


My neighbours cast a curious look

when I get into the garden to pluck

curry leaves and pick the milk can.

No wonder I am at home wherever

I go. More so in the literal sense.