One of A Common Breed

That one my cook
had been with me
for ten years,in an
impulse calls quit..
Taken by surprise.
I fail to seek
the reason.

He is temperamental
goes off his head.
turns quarrelsome
finds fault with
fellow workers.
Fights with them.
Screams and yells.

He is an expert cook
prepares dishes
in no time and for
any number of people
these being the reasons
I put up with his impudence.

He complains of leg pain
high blood pressure,
giddiness, what not
and what else
he could think off.
Sounds crazy.

I speak to the Doctor
fix an appointment
He refuses to meet him.
Packs his bags.Walks
out brusquely,
oblivious to two
decades treatment
of kindness and care.