Seeing Through The Lens

Living far away from each other,
mean my children and me for a decade and more
leaves me in a state of disillusion.

Mornings the chores keep me engaged
when darkness sets in, I begin
to feel the loneliness.

The calls connect me to the loved ones
for an hour or two cannot expect more,
they have responsibilities to take care.

I go to sleep with eyes heavily laden
being so for a while, startled
by a dream jump off from bed.

Stay awake through the midnight
memories slide through in a sequence
starting from childhood.

One by one they pass, I sit on the bed
A kind of juxtaposition, happy and sad,
the presentations lend a reflection,

of the past. They teach a lesson
as how one has to see through life
a conjecture of good and bad.

I place my head on the pillow
willing to be embraced by slumber,
I am placed in a status of inertia,
only to find myself lost to the world.