Cup Cakes’ Siblings

Know nothing about baking,
being a stickler to Indian
way of cooking. a vegetarian
from birth, aspiring to become
a vegan.

I have seen eggs, not
touched them. Amazed
to know about the eggs
participation in baking

My granddaughter,
a thirteen year old
does many wonders.
Bakes delicious cakes,
cup cakes, iced cakes
lo ! I go astray.

I do not know
the different forms
and the names
attributed to them.
she does with an artistic
instinct, Colourful blend
with an aesthetic sense.

My grandchildren
tease me. laugh
at my naivety,
They enjoy fun
at my expense.
Wide eyed I view
her presentations,

A solace I experience,
is that they do not go beyond
eggs found in cakes. A tradition
they follow scrupulously.
Apparent, the custom
has got embedded
in the family.