Have To Do!

Morning and evening
come and go,
how fast they appear
no one knows.

It is only now,
I got up from bed
it is already late
for me to go to bed.

So fast days go by
I have many more
to accomplish, before
I cross the shore.

Most of them half done
few on the verge of conclusion
Will I be able to complete?
A strange illusion.


Let Me Tell You

I am no match
to the poets
of my time.

I write with a passion
that is all I know,
nurture no aspiration
just a write out of love.

Themes and imagery
come and go fast
I record a few
miss out many.

The ones I leave absent minded
could have brought fame
and recognition.Well.
that is not to be.

This is a confession
with a conviction.
I will write
till my last day.