Happy Mother’s Day

a spirited wish from one 
afar, greetings flow 
uninterruptedly, messages 
flash with quotes.

Returning  each with gratitude,
 I stay  overwhelmed with 
joy.  Honoured, by the near 
and dear, I feel elated.

As the day passes,  a friend calls.
She asks me did your sons’
express their love, I pout, a gesture
 to indicate they did not.

She  waxes eloquently of Corona, 
the second wave,  the disaster,
 lockdown.  I listen to her lecture
 My mind elsewhere,

Have I not been a good mother?
 Been strict in their school days.
making them work hard. Perhaps.
 they hold a grudge.

The mobile rings., my first one 
is on line, chats for an hour hangs up
Dismayed, I go back to my work, interrupted
by the second, who asks me  

about how things are progressing  
advises me to slow down. The youngest 
comes in between, chides me 
for exerting  beyond my capacity.

The three musketeers  leave without 
a slightest thought to wish me.