The Trinity, 
 Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
 Creator, Protector 
and Destroyer, execute 
without any pause.

Brahma has relaxed 
with the births dwindling.
Vishnu struggles to save 
the lives as the pandemic 
is raging with a vengeance,

Shiva does it with ease
Taking the lives in a stroke
 hundreds and thousands die
Cities emit  a  constant glow
with  dead bodies burning.

Of the three, Shiva seemsswift
 in his deals,   The cosmic dance
 he performs , at times is one 
of exhilaration, Ananda Tandava .
grand and  joyous.

The  RudraTandava,  violent and furious 
signifies the destruction of cosmos, Shiva
is performing with fury at present, signifies
 not the end of the world but a new beginning, 
Rauthram. of Shiva has to subside 
to attain bliss.