Nothing Is Infinity

My mind remains idle.
 Knowing fully well 
an idle man’s brain 
is a devil’s workshop,
 I  gaze at nothing,
 chuckle, gesticulate 
at everything,

Nothing is infinity 
screams my inactive mind.
The pendulum oscillates 
with a tick, I am unmoved 
stare at the brick. Eternity 
is fascinating quips 
my heart.

With the book in hand
 I relax in my couch,
The book mark, a laced 
 pretty one with quotes 
remains  on the same
page for days, in 
Page 25.  Stuck like me

With nothing to do 
I am at all places,
spilling, spreading,
reading, writing,
talking, all done. with\
 least interest.

Nestling close to a concept,
I do not know what it is?
Clinging to it, I move on
without realizing  what 
it could be? Mystical anyway,
enough  to sustain me, an 
instinct to survive.