No More

I make calls to friends 
most unusual of me, they
 share details on many aspects 
 and practices alien to me,

They tell me of  Rajini
 who is living abroad,
 about Shalini’s plight
 and Kamini’s  rise.

Rajini  is fashion oriented, 
 snobbish  in outlook while 
Shalini has to bear the family’s 
yoke, Kamini is nouveau rich,

 My  indulgence, leads me to enter
Rajini’s parlour, compels me to
 sneak into the patio of Shalini,
 pushes me to  peek  through

 the curtains of Kamini,  I start
to hate myself for being too nosy.
Condemning myself, I hit back 
resorting to my original self,

No more calls, no more enquiries,
no more comments, no more
 criticisms, all the more  I  do not want 
to know about others.   Straightening 
I bow.