Half A Century

It is been nearly half a century
 two years shot in real
co existing with one 
a life partner,  who 
blames me for the failures.

Shouts clenching his teeth,
 “It is because of you”,
good things escape
hearing  the first time
 I became frightened ,

Year after year
the allegations grow 
more in number, “it is 
you and it is you”
always and ever,

I have turned deaf 
to his screams, remain
quiet most times,
 at periods  hit back 
with vehemence.

Those days go far into violence
 it is reciprocals that govern
I and you demand a corner
 fingers point, eyes twitch
 body shakes, a trauma ,

on the verge, I proceed 
 with a determination
 whatever comes, I will 
 stay  stoic, enough of 
 bowing down,