Travelling With Humiliations

it is Hema, I hear
“It is not my mistake , not 
my mistake, anyway,” 
on and one she goes.

 Cannot find  any mistakes. 
  I am worried  as she 
 gesticulates, sobs, finally spills out,
 “born  dark is not a sin”.
Do I hear her right?

Thrown out by the girl’s  hurt
I take a quick look at mine.
More or less the same tone, I feel.
nothing ugly , anyway, I think,
wheatish complexion.

The racism, one faces,
where  skin takes 
 predominance saddens me.
Proficiency in language, the other
takes a back seat,

if you are slightly dark.
The regional influence 
 might at times overlap.
not  a drawback as perceived 
confides Hema,

“Hema. mastering a language  
is an art. Slips and defaults,
 spellings and  missing
 punctuations  are seen 
in everyone’s . natives have too many,”

Cheering her, I console myself
recollecting my experiences
relating to colour, usage,
 writing skill, Yes. I have travelled 
with humiliations catching up