It Is Pongal

Rituals and customs 
turn back breaking,
It is Pongal,

A decade back
it was different
age was beside,

help was in abundance.
 It turns out to be an one 
woman show,

Pongal in the courtyard
 earthen pots and mud stoves,
firewood, and decorations,

 curries and broths 
being almost nine in count 
clubbed with the auspicious,

timings make me pant,
 The day before resolved 
to cut short  the menu,

stick to the main ones
somehow go back to the age old
custom,  been doing 

for 48 years, apprehensive
 any miss out ,be it the number,
could lead to  unpleasantness..

 Meticulous! I appreciate,
Not long,  sudden onset of pain
 from the knees and hands

debilitates, holding my knee
 I settle on my bed.   smiling 
 and sobbing at the same time.