There I Am At Home

Having been at home 
for almost two years 
 I have no thought 
of how I look

A saree  goes around me 
 fully starched  and ironed
gives me a comical  image  
-a stuffed puppet.

My white strands of hair 
 have become dominant
 perched high on the head 
 gifts me a matronly poise.

Of recent, I starch my blouse
 which remains stiff  tending 
not to get crushed,  posing 
 like  a  military colonel.

at least in attire, as I 
am known for my easy 
way to handle duties  being 
far too lenient with my staff.

How am I going to change 
if the world opens 
to travel and commercials.
 I chuckle, 

visualizing my status on board
of a plane when I have to go back 
to my second home, the co passengers
will reel with laughter,