Indian Freedom

The Indian freedom movement, 

 saw Tilak, an extremist

the father of the Indian freedom

another noted one M. K, Gandhi, 

who came from South Africa, 

advocated Ahimsa, a Satvik way 

of fighting, inducing millions of followers.

One such being Narayanan, 

son of a British supporter,

 in his early twenties and the other

is Saraswathi, daughter of a nationalist. 

Both having decided individually

 to remain unmarried.  “Gain Freedom”

is their ultimate aim.

Driven by patriotism, they write letters 

to Gandhi, to intervene and stop the alliance,

 Their high placed fathers indulge to make both tie the knot.

 Gandh, respecting the stature of the seniors., keeps 


Narayanan and Saraswathi, unable to defy 

their powerful fathers, marry on 22/Aug/1947, 

a week after the Indian independence.

They, who were reluctant, fall headlong

into marital bliss, raise a family, a big one rather,

a brood of six, I am one of them.