Status Quo Continues

 A lifelong wait has ended

 I sigh with relief. Not too soon

 it opens and closes like

 a May flower, shimmers in the sun

 shuts up at dusk.

The carousel is transient

 hours do not count

 nor days stand in a row

 it is years like a long tail

 nearly a decade, a quarter 

of a century to be precise.

 crawling, walking, jogging,

 running,’ sleeping, turning dormant,

 picks a momentum, swoons 

and falls half dead, resurrects, 

droops three fourths paralyzed.

it does not fit into any schedule,

who to blame, I lament the co parceners 

levy little interest mean not the financial

but the execution.  Happy to continue the status quo.

 Their children rap and knock the door.

Let me confess. what I have said is a dignified 

camouflage of their capacity.