Harvard And Oxford -Down My Lane

Mani cries, guava, papaya,

jackfruit, all neatly sliced 

His dad, sits besides, a heap 

of tender coconuts lie in front,

slashes the coconut with 

a sizzle, takes out a tiny bark

delivers with a sweet talk,

a gesture expressing familiarity. 

Rajamma and her husband kali

sweat while preparing fried rice,

mutton soup and omelets, masala 

smell permeates.

Ramani’s Tea stall, has name 

people from neighbouring

areas gather to sip the frothy

spicy tea.

The famed Jigarthanda, local delicacy 

an admixture of milk, almond, sugar, 

and sea grass, goes down the gullet with a swish.

Dinesh sports a dashing trend.

Watching their transactions,

executed with precision, keeping

time and quality, drive me to question.

Did they go to Harvard or Oxford?